"The Happy Beginning"

Greetings and happy to meet you! We are a Utah based company providing a broad range of full service catering and destination dining throughout the entire state. Our team is loaded with passionate, diverse culinary experts and artists that believe in delivering spectacular service and memorable entertainment through our catering services. We introduce original and remarkable flavors. We are celebrated for our top notch client relations and personnel management. 

We also firmly believe food can be medicine. Our team has 35 years of experience working with clients with food sensitivities, from personal preference and choice to severe allergies. We specialize in the artisan crafting of locally raised, grown, and sourced foods and beverages. Whenever possible, we produce and prepare everything from scratch; from our mayonnaise, ketchup, dressings and dips, to soups, sauces and signature "To Live For" desserts. Our most requested services involve catering special events with our;

 “Modernist Wellness Cuisine.” 

We also offer "Artisan Destination Dining ~ Glamping  & Wellness Retreats". 

These select services transport clients to Utah's most exclusive venues to introduce modern wellness discoveries and deliver once in a lifetime culinary impressions. 

For the 2018 event schedule go to the "Follow the Fork" section of our "home" and Facebook pages. Please contact us for openings and reservations.