Menu Services & Pricing

Okay.... it's time time to dig in and decide on which one of our artisan ~ clean ~ modern creations you and your guests will be savoring. With great power comes great responsibility so take your time and please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with while making your final happy decisions. 

*We offer this hint; all of our food is really really good. Hope that helps :)


Pairings, flights, soirees, cocktail parties and catered tastings.

We heard  you might want some boozing with your schmoozing? We are so ready!

Responsible and professional bar service with awesome catering. Sounds like libation gourmand to us:)


Appetizers ~ Hors d'oeuvre ~ Starters ~ Charcuterie Plates 

We serve it like we wrote it. One by one bites are delivered with white gloves and silver trays for as long as your happy heart desires.

BREAK A FORK! Calling all producers/directors. We love us some craft services. Riders, food trucks, luxury trailer service, you name it Hollywood, and we will be there with to break a fork with you!


"Box Variety"

We felt the timing was especially right to politely replace the tired, bland, unhealthy image of the "box lunch" with this exciting lunch makeover. The Bento Tayo is a portioned, paired/selected variety buffet style meal service. Guests choose from incredible protein/fish options, fermented/pickled vegetables, fruit slaw and salad,  noodle dishes & single batch sauces. Build your favorite's your (choice) tayo. 


Chef Greg's signature Modernist Wellness Cuisine meets yesterday's chafing dish? Hey, if you need a buffet, you need a buffet, right? We are happy to design and deliver memorable dining experiences for all of your reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvas, parties and or, just be-causes'.  The Tasting has got you covered.


They say this is the happiest day of our lives....let us make sure it its! We plan, design and manage small, large and the unbelievable weddings. Which one are you? Let us know. Almost forgot....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 

What our customers are saying

I feel like it would be impossible to find another company as responsible and talented for catering. Chef Greg Reith and his team are professional, quiet, prompt and dignified. The food I have been served is simply the best catering I have ever experienced. What a total package The Happy Fork Catering Co. is! 

I can not wait for more!

Niki Warner - Botanicals

Service Prices

We have a range of flexible packages and service plans to offer. Here are a few examples;

Tasting Fork Service


Per Person

Best for Large Groups & Plated Dining

Group Rate $ 27

Artisan $ 30

Single Origin $ 38 + (*market pricing) 

Always Happy $ 24


Bento Tayo & Box Lunch


Per Person

Best for Office & Corporate Catering

Full Service $ 20

Delivery Only $ 14-18

Weekly $ 15-17.00

Monthly $ 13-15.00


One By One's


Per Person minimum three choices;

Best for Cocktail Parties & Hors d oeuvres

Bite Size $ 3

Stationed $ 4

Tray Passed $ 5

Elegant "Endless" Buffet $ 7-12